'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' Planning Pack (Stone Age Instructions Unit)

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Download our popular two-week unit of work for Years 3/4 based on the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', with a focus on instructional texts. Great for linking the Stone Age topic in literacy!

Created for the 2014 National Curriculum, this unit gives children the opportunity to understand the features of instructions as a text type. In the first week, children will engage with the text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth through research, a hands-on toy washing challenge and the opportunity to create their own ‘Woolly Mammoth Cleaning Kit’. They will become familiar with the text type of instructions by following instructions to make their own mammoth models and identifying features of the text. There is also a grammar focus on using prepositions and imperative verbs.

In the second week, pupils will use drama to develop ideas and extend their vocabulary. They will then plan their own set of instructions about washing a woolly mammoth and they will then have the opportunity to draft, edit and present their final written outcome.

The literacy objectives covered in this unit are:

To retrieve and record information from non-fiction
To participate in discussion about a text
To use a range of imperative verbs
To use prepositions
To read and follow written instructions
To identify the features of instructions
To identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
To prepare a group performance
To use a rich and varied vocabulary
To make a plan for my writing
To write my own set of instructions
To edit and evaluate my writing
To integrate visual devices

The PDF file contains 10 full lesson plans and accompanying pupil resource sheets.

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