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These activities are meant to help students learn to express where someone or something is located using the Spanish verb ESTAR.

These activities go along with the song "La Carretera" by Prince Royce. This song is readily available on YouTube and iTunes and a link to the song is referenced. These activities may be completed without the music video, so please make sure that the video is appropriate for your students before playing it.

Students will begin by reading a brief biography, in Spanish, of the artist.

Students will then listen to the song "La Carretera" and attempt to fill in some common Spanish vocabulary words that are missing from the lyrics of the song.

Students will then see a brief tutorial which highlights the present tense forms of the verb estar as well as some key vocabulary for expressing location (en, cerca de, lejos de, etc.)

Next students will be asked to find several lines of the song based on their English meanings. They will then manipulate those lyrics so that they include forms of the verb estar and the location vocabulary that is highlighted in the lesson. This will help them to apply this new vocabulary.

Finally, there is an activity in which students look at some images from the video and use what they have learned to write simple sentences expressing where people and things are located in each picture.

Included in this download:
-Artist Biography
-Link to the song/video on YouTube
-Cloze Activity (Listening)
-Estar & Location Tutorial (Structure)
-Lyric Identification Activity (Reading)
-Lyric Manipulation Activity (Writing)
-¿Dónde está? Activity (Writing or Oral)
-Answer Keys for all objective activities



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7 years ago

My students liked it a lot. We reviewed cognates, -AR verbs present tense and ESTAR.

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