'Snap Game' for Different Types of Experiments

An engaging whole class activity, where questions are set from a PowerPoint, which require students to find the correct answer from the information. First student/pair who gets the correct answer, wins.

The lesson is for experiment types, IV and DV

The activitiy can be used as a revison lesson etc.


Miniature whiteboards, board marker pens, board rubber, and worksheet A (enough for each pair/student)


  1. Give each person or pair of students (same table) a miniature whiteboard, board marker pen, a board rubber, and worksheet A.

  2. Give out worksheet A for each student/pair and ask the students to read page 1 (study 1) ONLY (no need to go further). While they are reading, make sure you have the PowerPoint questions ready to be shown on a whiteboard display.

  3. For each page (study) there are several questions. Display the first question from the PowerPoint to the students. The students will now need to look for the answer. The question will tell you how many words they need to find for the answer (this is shown in brackets underneath the question). Once they have found the answer, they then write this down on the white board.

  4. The first student/pair to display the answer above their head wins. They get one point. You will need to keep a score.

  5. Go through all the questions set for page 1. At the left-hand bottom corner on the PowerPoint, you will see ‘End of Questions’ on some of the slides. This means there are no more questions to be asked for that page on the information sheet. The students will now need to read the next information page (e.g., page 2). Once they have read this, the next questions are given and so on.

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  • 1.-Snap-game-instructions.pdf
  • 2.-Reading-Sheet-A.pdf
  • 3.-Answer-sheet.pdf
  • 4.-Questions-to-experiment.pptx

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