13.	Preparing Food 1 (A-M) (Food Wordwalls)
One of 16 WordWall presentations which define and illustrate over 700 key terms relevant to Food & Technology/Food & Nutrition courses for students aged 11-16. This set contains 56 terms (from Aerate to Mark Out) and complements the presentation '14. Preparing Food 2 (M-Z) (Food Wordwalls)'.
• Enhances literacy and suitable for printing A4 or larger.
• Perfect for open days – just print and display! Laminate & use year after year.
• Great for plenary sessions and student support during lessons.
• Includes guidelines and ideas for 20 related activities.
• Suitable for a single computer, network, interactive whiteboard or digital projector.
• Fully editable in PowerPoint (.pptx file supplied) – one term per slide.
• Works on all operating systems where MS PowerPoint has been installed, e.g. Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.
• To order complete sets or for site/VLE licences please visit http://www.sserltd.co.uk/acatalog/FoodNutritionWordwall.html
Currently, the TES store for Premium Resources only allows a PowerPoint preview to consist of one content slide plus the Cover Slide and End Slide. Therefore, we have included a full set of slide images (4 x jpg files per page) to allow you to appreciate the full content of this presentation - you do not need to retain these images after download but they can be a useful resource when printed – you must keep the .pptx file and the Readme.pdf file.
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Created: Nov 28, 2016

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