1st Grade Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle
1st Grade Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle. ***Save with a Bundle!*** Make reading comprehension ENGAGING and FUN for your students/child with these 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Passages.

These 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Passages include:
#1 - five reading strategies templates for students/child
-predict, clarify, visualize, ask questions, and make connections

#2 - 28 reading passages

#3 - 28 comprehension tests

#4 - 29 decoding tests

The decoding tests include:
-short a
-short I
-short o
-suffixes _s and _ing
-short e
-short u words, ending blends-sh, th
-a_e/safe, c=/s/, g=/j/
-I_e/pine, ch/chick.tch/match, wh/wheel
-o_e, flute, u_e/these, suffix _ed
-ee/feet, syllable study
-y/my, y/candy
-ng/ring, nk/wink, compound words
-or/for, ore/more, _es ending
-ai/rain, at/play
-igh, ie, kn, wr
-ow/cow, silent e syllables
-ou/ouch, VCV words
-oi/oil, oy/boy, _er, _or
-ea/head, au/Paul/ aw/saw
-old/gold, ost/post, ind/find, ild/wild
-at/start, double consonant with _ed, _ing
-er/her/ir/bird, ur/purse
-er/her, ir/bird, ur/purse and suffixes _er, est

These 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Passages are arranged in order of easiest to more challenging, so that their complexity grows as your students' reading levels rise.

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