Year 5 literacy planning!Quick View

Year 5 literacy planning!

I do not work in year 5 anymore, but I have banked together all my planning. Obviously it will need to be adapted to suit your class, but hopefully it should save you lots of time :)
Olivers Vegetables- Early Years planning. Quick View

Olivers Vegetables- Early Years planning.

Some Literacy and Numeracy planning ideas, weekly topic ideas and plans for the other areas of the classroom. There is also some worksheets linked to literacy and Numeracy. The pictures to retell the story are under the free section of the website.
Literacy Activity Builder - Early YearsQuick View

Literacy Activity Builder - Early Years

These activities have been made to support all areas of the curriculum from Early Years to Year 6. The activities can stand alone or used as part of an introduction or plenary session. Each activity has teacher guidance notes attached. Includes word searches, gap fill activities and sort activities.
Early Years Literacy Through CookingQuick View

Early Years Literacy Through Cooking

Cooking is back on the national curriculum for all primary school pupils from September 2014. Not only does practical cooking develop essential life skills and healthy eating habits, it also offers an exciting, real-life approach to learning in all subjects, as recommended within the School Food Plan's headteacher's checklist. Focus on Food developed this set of resources to show how elements of Maths and English can be delivered in a hands-on and engaging way through cooking activities.
Early Finisher Activities Fillers Maths Literacy Year 5 / 6Quick View

Early Finisher Activities Fillers Maths Literacy Year 5 / 6

6 Resources
A BUNDLE of flexible no prep or low prep printable activities for Y5 and Y6 for a massive 45% saving, to target key skills as morning activities, warm ups, starters, early finishers challenges, meaningful time fillers, revision, home learning and main lesson tasks. They are great to have on hand before you get into your normal planning at the beginning of term but can also be used throughout the year to practise key skills. There are 6 flexible packs for mental maths, SPaG and writing, and are some of my most popular resources, used by many hundreds of teachers already. I hope you will use them again and again in your classroom! All resources are in PDF format.   BUNDLE contains: 20 Creative Writing Story Prompt Cards 6 Editing / Proofreading SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) Puzzles 40 Complex Sentences Writing Cards 8 Mental Maths Crossnumber Puzzles 36 Maths Trail Cards 200+ Mental Maths Question Cards   For full information and previews please see the detailed descriptions on the 6 individual resource pages.   Thank you for supporting my store.   YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE… Writing and Sentences Activities BUNDLE Literacy Activities KS2 BUNDLE Improving Sentences BUNDLE SPaG Revision Activities BUNDLE Mental Maths Year 5 / 6 BUNDLE Maths Hidden Word Puzzles MEGA BUNDLE Multiplication and Division Activities BUNDLE Explore more at FullShelf Resources
Literacy Activity Builder - Early YearsQuick View

Literacy Activity Builder - Early Years

Activities to support all areas of the curriculum from early years to year 6. The activities can be used stand alone or as part of an introduction or plenary session. Each activity has teacher guidance notes attached.
Harry Potter Early ReaderQuick View

Harry Potter Early Reader

An early reader PPT with animated text and pictures from the movies. Created for a reluctant reader who was a keen Harry Potter fan. The resource uses mostly decodable words up to phase 3 with a small number of sight words. The character names are included but with picture cues to aid recognition. For Reception (HA), Year 1 or Year 2, this is a lovely way to inspire enthusiasm for reading in the classroom or as a printed version.
Early Years SLD LiteracyPower Point PresentationsQuick View

Early Years SLD LiteracyPower Point Presentations

A collection of four power point presentations that have been used in an Early Years Provison for children with SLD, but would be great for a Reception class. These presentations are simply put together with simple graphics and animation. All effective in the classroom, with scope to edit and change. A time saver!


Resources included are as follows: •72 PDF or PPT files for you to print. You could also use many of them on the IWB. •.Story presentation – retelling the story. •Character face masks in colour and black and white., hand puppets, blank hand puppet to draw. •2 elephant poems to read and act out. •Adjectives cards from the story. •A4 coloured elephants, A4 patterned elephants, colour splats A4 size, colour flashcards, colour wheel, fill in the colours worksheet •Alphabet mat, number square 1-100, table top number line, ordinal numbers on elephants, addition game with elephant theme, 16 A4 shapes posters, size order elephants •Large letters for display title, long banner to head wall display, borders and backing paper, patchwork bunting, large character faces for display, binder covers and drawer labels, key word cards, story sack tag, elephant silhouettes •Elephant photo pack, elephant facts poster, elephant fact cards, writing booklet to make, map to show where elephants live, booklet cover, themed writing frame, animal A4 poster showing lots of common animals •Bingo game, draw door hanger, hand writing sheet, fill in the missing colours words, make an invitation to jungle fun, Elmer colouring pages, elephant colouring pages, reward chart, note taking page, words that begin with e worksheet, make words from letters task, true or false quiz, elephants can have and are writing task, draw favourite part of story, make a hanging mobile, word search, draw jungle scene, colour in the patchwork elephant, design a new pattern for an elephant, draw items in different colours, make a booklet about elephants, describe the elephants, write about our differences, why does Elmer want to be grey? Writing task •Question pack for before during and after reading the story, character description task, speech bubbles worksheet, I like the story because…, story board to write, cut and stick sequencing activity, story elements writing task etc
Literacy for SEN, Early Years, Primary, Reception, PreschoolersQuick View

Literacy for SEN, Early Years, Primary, Reception, Preschoolers

20 Resources
Ideal for teacher training or NQT a literacy bundle that has a range of worksheets for SEN, Early Years, Reception, Primary and Preschoolers. Includes differentiated worksheets for students who are at the pre-writing stage, up to writing independently. Has worksheets for alphabet A-Z for matching, phonics and practicing writing and spelling. Includes differentiated comprehension from 12 nursery rhymes to 12 differentiated photos commenting on items in photos (3 sets of each for lower, middle and higher abilities). With the speaking, listening and writing we ask carers to email or let us know a couple of things that their child did at the weekend, so that we are able to prompt children or get other children to ask appropriate questions. We also check children's listening by asking 'Who went shopping, who visited family, who was ill, who walked the dog, where did they go, what did they buy' etc. before the students write what they did with help, by copying from a white board or working independently. Also includes a colouring activity to check children's listening skills. Adult asks them to colour a particular part of the picture a certain colour and records if they did it correctly. No prep needed - just cutting and gluing with the children. You may need whiteboards and pens to help the children with spelling.
Early Years Flashcards with Widgit SymbolsQuick View

Early Years Flashcards with Widgit Symbols

Over 570 symbol flashcards that cover early years vocabulary. The symbols can be used in a variety of ways – from creating visual timetables to managing behaviour. A booklet with detailed ideas about how to use the symbols pack is included. This pack is a great introduction to using Widgit symbols, and the symbols are ideal early years teaching, parents, childminders or carers to use to help aid learning and development. This pack contains…. Ideas for using flashcards Feelings and emotions – 28 symbol cards for expressing feelings and emotions Numbers - 24 symbol cards - numbers 1-20, plus extra Playing - 51 symbol cards to use during play Playgroup - 40 symbol cards which may be used to discuss playgroup Safety - 14 symbol cards to discuss features of safety Shopping - 66 symbol cards which may be used when shopping Colours - 13 symbol cards showing the most common colours Times of the day - 21 symbol cards showing different times of the day Days of the week - 13 symbol cards showing the days of the week, plus extra Meal time - 41 symbol cards to use during mealtimes Behaviour - 11 symbol cards which may be used to promote good behaviour Food and drink - 80 food and drink symbol cards Recycling - 14 recycling symbol cards Activity labels - 23 symbol cards which may be used to label boxes or for routines Wash hands - 7 symbol cards to use to sequence washing hands Notices - 10 symbol cards for labelling areas and rooms Transport - 19 symbol cards showing different modes of transport Dressing up - 39 symbol cards to use when dressing up Getting dressed - 38 symbol cards to label clothes, or to help with dressing Places to go - 22 symbol cards showing places to go, plus how to get there This resource was created in InPrint 3. Widgit Symbols supports vocabulary development across the primary curriculum for all students, as well as helping individuals with special needs, autism or speech and language difficulties.
Literacy Workshop Powerpoint for Parents - Early YearsQuick View

Literacy Workshop Powerpoint for Parents - Early Years

As an Early Years Leader, I use this Powerpoint on a yearly basis with 90 parents who can then support their children at home. It includes sections on: How literacy is progressed in a cross curricular way in early years. Speaking Phonics and reading writing - with examples of writing progression. How parents can support their children at home. The Powerpoint can be edited as needed. It is about 20 pages long and the training normally lasts an hour.
Early Literacy Language AssessmentQuick View

Early Literacy Language Assessment

The assessment PDF includes: checklist for individual students. table with upper case letters for identifying the names of the letters. table of lower case letters for identifying the most common sound of each letter. table of pictures for students to identify initial sounds. blank table for students to write the words from the checklist. table of CVC words for students to read. It is anticipated that by the end of Kindergarten students are able to name the letters of the alphabet as well as identify their most common sounds. It is also anticipated that they are able to read and write simple CVC words using their knowledge of graphemes and phonemes. This resource enables teachers and parents the ability to monitor the progress of individual students towards the attainment of a sound understanding of the content descriptions ACELA1440 and ACELA1820. If at the completion of the year students do not have a sound understanding of the content, their checklist can be handed on to their new teacher. This continuity is advantageous for both students and teachers.
Early Years OUTSTANDING detailed Minibeasts MTP (8 weeks)Quick View

Early Years OUTSTANDING detailed Minibeasts MTP (8 weeks)

EYFS OUTSTANDING detailed Minibeasts MTP (8 weeks) This is a high quality andvery detailed Medium term plan aimed at a reception class, however could be used in nursery too. It is very detailed at 6 pages and 3000 words! The plan includes 8 weeks of detailed lessons/ activities around the topic Minibeasts in all areas of the Early Years curriculum including; Parent-child engagement Communication and language Physical development gross motor fine motor Personal, social and emotional development Literacy reading writing Maths Understanding the World technology Expressive arts and design Religious education Outdoor provision The activities all involve playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. They are all lots of fun!
Early Years Literacy - Snowman Phonic Games / ActivitiesQuick View

Early Years Literacy - Snowman Phonic Games / Activities

Literacy - Snowman Phonic Activities for Whole Class and Groups Supports Phase 2 and Early Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Ideal for Reception Classes (4-5yrs) CONTENTS Build the Snowman Power Point – Ideal as a class activity. Five sets of words to use: Sets one and two use cvc words and one vc word. Set three uses words with ll, ss, ff and ck. Set four uses words with ch, sh, th. Set five uses words with ng and qu. Sound out and blend to read the word, click and part of the snowman will appear along with the next word. To see all the words again once the snowman is complete, click again and they will appear at the bottom of the screen in snowballs. Build the Snowman – A group game for up to six players. Cut out and laminate the pieces of the snowman. Print and laminate the baseboards. Add Velcro. Four sets of base boards to choose from: Play with vc words, cvc words, ch, sh, th words or ng and qu words. Four Worksheets –Three provide an outline of a snowman to trace and then complete. Lines below allow for a sentence to be written. The fourth involves cloze procedure for pupils who may be ready for this type of work.
Christmas Early Literacy BundleQuick View

Christmas Early Literacy Bundle

8 Resources
Wide range of resources focusing on initial sounds, letter formation, word banks for story writing, visual discrimination and rhyme. All resources are designed in a Christmas themed format.
Farm Literacy and phonics pack for Early YearsQuick View

Farm Literacy and phonics pack for Early Years

This pack is tailored to meet learners who have reached their final term in school. These fun and simple activities are designed fort children who have reached, or are in the process of reaching, the end of phase 3 phonics. Activities include: Build a sentence Labelling farm animals Phonetic word cards Look and write phonetic cards Horse labelling Initial sound match Initial sound strips Green Level tricky words Phonetic picture cards Writing prompt See the previews for some of what is included.