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This is a great way to practice and consolidate number bonds in the classroom. These easy prep cards can be used for 4 fun and engaging games that can involve the teacher or allow children time to work in groups or independently.

The games are as follows:
Game 1 – Racing Line
Line up the cards in a row. Row length can vary based on ability. Students race to identify the number bond and get to the end of the line in a speedy time.

Game 2 – Speed Draw
Best played in teams of 2 – 4. One person deals a card out and the first player to call out the answer wins the card. The individual with the most cards at the end wins.

Game 3 – Loopy
Lay out a circle of the cards, this works best with 6 or more cards. Set a one minute timer and see how many times you can go round the loop in the time set.

Game 4 – Flash Friends
Played in groups of 2 – 4. One person flashes up one side of the card. The remaining children in the group either call out the answer or record in on a whiteboard. Points are gained for correct answers.

I also use the cards as flashcards for warm up and recap activities.

As always I welcome any feedback and hope that you enjoy using this resource.



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9 years ago

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