5. DNA and Protein Synthesis Crossword: Text Documents and Interactive Webpages

A large crossword & two interactive webpages covering keyword definitions e.g. Anticodon, Antiparallel, Codon, Degenerate Code, Gene, mRNA, Nucleotide, Polypeptide, Post transcriptional Modification, Primary Structure, Rough ER, Universal code, Uracil.
The Crossword has 52 questions for this A-level and IB topic.
The resource consists of: Two interactive webpages and a text document:

The text document is in PDF and Word format.
a. Page 1 is the crossword.
b. Pages 2 and 3 the Across and Down clues.
c. Page 4 is the crossword grid with the answers filled in.
d. Page 5 is an alphabetical list of the keywords, which can be given out with the crossword making it easier for students who have just studied the topic.

The webpages can be put on an intranet site such as Moodle. This enables the crossword to be done on a laptop. The webpages come in two forms:
a. The crossword, with a time limit and no hints.
b. The crossword, untimed and with a hints button

I have found crosswords to be a very useful resource to use for revision, an extension activity and during practical work while students are waiting for results.
Crosswords a particularly useful in lessons when students are working at a different pace.

Keywords Covered:
o Adenine
o Amino Acid
o Anticodon
o Antiparallel
o Antisense
o Base
o Base Pairing
o Chromosome
o Codon
o Complimentary (Base pairing)
o Cytosine
o Degenerate Code
o Deoxyribose
o DNA Helicase
o DNA Polymerase
o Exon
o Gene
o Guanine
o Histone
o Hydrogen
o Insertion
o Intron
o Messenger RNA
o Modification
o Monomer
o Nuclear Pore
o Nucleotide
o Pentose
o Polypeptide
o Post transcriptional (Modification)
o Primary Structure
o Purine
o Pyrimidine
o Ribosomal RNA
o Ribosome
o RNA Polymerase
o Rough ER
o Semiconservative
o Sense
o Stop Codon
o Substitution
o Template
o Tertiary Structure
o Thymine
o Translation
o Triplet
o tRNA
o Universal
o Uracil

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