This lesson allows students to build on the skills they acquired with 4 figure grid referencing. There is another group activity using the local OS maps (please change for your area). The 'how confident are you&' gets students post-it note their name on the tree to show where they have climbed to in the lesson.


  • 6 figure grid references (new).ppt
  • 6 figure grid references ws (new).doc

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    user avatarbearcool125 days agoreport

    A nice little resource-well made. Initially, on opening it (in Word 2017) the layout of the page was all over the place. I found the first grid was set to tight, changed it to square and everything fell into place. Hope that helps anyone else with a similar issue.

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    Thank you!

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    user avatarsupermatey2 years agoreport

    excellent resource! Thank you!

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    user avatarChrisJL0632 years agoreport

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    Really helpful to me as a student- I could study for my geography test in ease!