Rick is a Cambridge educated Natural Scientist with extensive business experience in the oil gas and chemicals industry followed by a tutoring career in Maths, the Sciences and Business Studies covering all school levels from 11+ through GCSE to Oxbridge entrance. During almost 5000 hours of professional tutoring he has created and road tested imaginative power point lesson plans slideshows and interactive excel quizzes now available on TES.

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Imagine if you could do a fast Maths Mock and be pretty sure of at least one question on all topics in 9-1 Maths GCSE syllabus were covered, all in one place? And get immediate feedback on your score, with automated revision list generated by your answers. This would surely help focus precious revision time.

Fast Mock Maths worksheet features around 250 questions in 4 exam length tests with the bonus of giving you an indication of whether you would score a higher grade if you took Foundation or Higher.

The questions are structured to be short and simple to understand encouraging you to focus on key elements of a question, and gradually increase in difficulty

When you enter an answer by selecting a, b, c or d you can get an immediate correct/try again colour coded answer or you can select a Hide/Unhide button to let you wait till the end to see your score. There is a reset button to start again.

There is an accompanying spreasheet with essentially the same questions but with different numbers so you can repeat and judge if a pupil has mastered a topic.

You can add questions with just a modicum of Excel skills.



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3 years ago

Very useful thank you

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