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This Scavenger Hunt Worksheet covers these standards:
I understand the limitations of The Articles of Confederation and the need for a better system of government
I can identify the contributions of the following individuals who helped write the Constitution: James Madison, Thomas Jefferson (influenced), George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, William Patterson, and Roger Sherman
I can explain how each of the following influenced the writing of the Constitution: John Locke, Montesquieu, The Magna Carta, and The English Bill of Rights
I can explain the 3/5ths Compromise
I understand the purpose of a constitution
I can explain the concept of “separation of powers”
I know what the three branches of government are called and what the function of each branch is
I can explain the concept of “checks and balances” and I know specific checks that each branch uses to keep the others in check
I understand the differences between “duties” and “responsibilities”
I understand what is contained within the Bill of Rights and I can briefly summarize each one

Easy--Print and assign. Students draw and write in the answers to this detailed and organized printable.



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