This resource contains a 70-slide PowerPoint presentation on the rules for when and how to add the suffixes -ed, -d, -ied and doubling the last letter to make the simple past tense of verbs.

The PowerPoint clearly explains and demonstrates the rules of how to change a verb to its simple past form.

It contains the following rules

  • adding -d to words ending in e

  • adding -ed to regular root verbs

  • changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding -ed

  • doubling the last letter and adding -ed

  • some irregular past tenses

  • The PowerPoint also contains a timed challenge activity in which pupils can use paper/whiteboards to write the simple past tense and a sorting activity in which pupils are required to decide which verb ending is appropriate.

    This resource is also suitable for SEN / ESL students.

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