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Early Years and Key Stage 1 teacher who believes that education should be fun and a happy time for everyone.

Five adjective games aimed at Key Stage 1 children.

Adjective Loop/Follow Me Cards
A set of 20 adjective loop/follow me cards.

Each card features a picture and a list of three adjectives. Children must listen carefully to the three adjectives and see if they match the picture on their card. These cards can be started on any card.

Children enjoy playing this game and it teaches them to think about adjectives.

Using Adjectives Game
A set of 4 game boards focusing on using adjectives.

Each game board features a picture scene and numbered squares. Some squares contain an instruction for children to follow eg say 2 adjectives to describe the sky or find something in the picture that is unusual.

Children enjoy playing the game and using adjectives. The game encourages children to use a range of adjectives and introduces children to new adjectives.

These game boards can be printed on A3 paper and laminated to be used more than once.

Adjectives Bingo
A set of 9 different bingo boards containing pictures of toys and a set of adjective clues.

Children must listen to the adjective clues and check if they have a picture that matches the adjective clues.

Fill in the Adjective Game
A game focusing on adjectives.

The game includes five pictures with sets of sentences to match each picture. Each sentence has a space for an adjective eg The ________ moon is shining in the sky. Children have to think of an adjective to go in the space. If children think of an adjective that nobody else thinks of then they win a point. The aim of the game is to collect three points to win.

Children enjoy playing the game and sharing their adjectives.

Match the Adjective Game
A set of ten pictures and 40 adjective cards.

Children select a picture and then pick an adjective card. If children can use the adjective in a sentence about the picture then they keep the card. The aim of the game is to collect three cards to win.

This game introduces children to a range of adjectives and encourages children to use these adjectives in sentences.


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