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Africa is a huge continent with many diverse peoples and cultures. Accordingly, African art is not one type of art. It varies considerably among these peoples. The easiest way of dealing with this continent's art is to break it down into regions. There are still differences to be found within the regions but they aren’t as stark.

Thus, there are four regions to consider: Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa. Because Northern Africa is adjacent to the Middle East, it is Islamic. Thus its art is also Islamic. North African art is thus studied along with Islamic art and not along with African art.

African art until very recently did not follow western traditions of painting, on an easel or otherwise. When it turned to painting, it used dyes, textiles, weaving and basketry. Africans also used more perishable materials, such as wood for sculptures.

Masks and human figures were and are made by artists throughout these regions, often for religious ceremonies.
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