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This is a complete presentation on the Aileen Wuornos case, the First Female Serial Killer. The presentation is replete with imagery throughout to facilitate learning.

There is also a 20 point multiple choice Quiz with answer key plus a complete set of Flashcards for reviewing the presentation. The Flashcards could also be used for testing purposes.

The chief product is the powerpoint presentation on the complete Aileen W case. It is filled with both text and visual imagery.

Topics include, for example:
It was Aileen Wuornos’s killing of at least three strangers in different locations with a cooling-off period between murders that led to her being classed as the first female serial killer. This meant she was the first woman to fit the FBI guidelines on serial killers. There were other female multiple killers but they did not fit these FBI guidelines. The media called Wuornos the first serial killer without making this distinction. It is a huge distinction because you need to fit FBI criteria to receive FBI assistance.

Personally Wuornos had experienced one failed relationship after another. Then she met Tyria Moore at a Daytona gay bar. Although Wuornos was not gay, she discovered that Ty loved her and didn't leave her. That was more important to her. Tyria Moore was content to let Wuornos support her. It was later in their relationship, when they hit rocky points, that she murdered men and especially to get money and material goods for the two of them. Until she met Tyria Moore she did not seem to be murdering anyone. Moore was one of the main witnesses against her at trial ultimately and would never look at Wuornos.

Florida has a law known as the Williams Rule. This rule made the jury aware of all of the murders. The self-defense claim sounded ridiculous when all the murders came into evidence. Excerpts from her videotaped confession were played and she appeared not upset which was damaging. Wuornos's public defender did not want her to testify. But Wuornos insisted on telling her story. Her account had changed further, glorifying herself in the process. Her credibility was destroyed on cross examination plus she was angry for most of it. She was the defense's only witness. The jury found Wuornos guilty of first-degree murder, and as they left, she shouted, "I'm innocent! I was raped! I hope you get raped! Scumbags of America!"

Aileen Wuornos was executed by lethal injection Oct. 9, 2002, The execution took place at Florida State Prison near Starke, Florida.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook writer.
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