Four "spiders" to help students become comfortable with algebra and manipulating expressions. There is an extension one at the end and the opportunity for discussion about whether there are many answers etc. I have left some blank ones for students to make up their own.


  • Algebraic-Expressions---Spiders.pptx

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    user avatarn_sam2911 days agoreport

    Love this resource, have used the template for simplification by multiplication

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author10 days ago

      Excellent! great to hear it's useful, including the template.

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    user avatarJan06074 months agoreport

    Encouraging and interesting to know the basic terms in Algebra

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    user avatarmissblilley9 months agoreport

    A great resource to build up on manipulating algebra and initiating expanding brackets. Nicely represented too, thank you!

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