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I have been teaching a number of years in a secondary state academy school. Teaching and learning is something very important to me and i strive to produce high quality resources. I have recently worked with a publication team for Pearson to design innovative resources for teachers teaching the new GCSE edexcel specification and have reviewed many A level specifications in partnership with them too. More resources will follow as i get started with the new specifications!

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pptx, 4.71 MB
I taught this lesson at my school and during an interview and both times it was graded as 'outstanding'. Basic overview/lesson plan is below too:

1) Students came onto the courts and immediately read their half court game instruction sheet which was pegged to their net - These are differentiated based upon ability (slide 1-6 on the powerpoint attached.)
2) Students were then given an ipad and observed a professional player serve and they had a selection of areas to look at (Ball toss, hitting action and variety).
3) Once students watched this video they worked with a partner to observe their serve (complete 10 serves and then switch roles). Using slide 7 which was made into a coaching card, they highlighted 1 area to improve and completed the card by filling in the necessary areas.
4) Students then returned for further instructions - each student had 1 of 3 possible focus areas (ball toss, variety, hitting action - these are differentiated too, with top spin and slice included for high level performers). Students were then grouped according to their target and given the corresponding drill card (slides 9,10,11) . These reinforce coaching points/language and are differentiated for more and less able students with extension and easier tasks).
5) As the lesson progressed groups were able to move back into their half court games, as clear progression was made in their serving technique.
6) For the plenary, students turned their card over and completed slide 8, which acted as a great review of performance.

The extra slides were just different ways of laying the information out on the resources and i have even created a very similar card for the forehand ground stroke.

The observers of my lesson loved the independent and heavily personalized approach to learning and the way leadership was used effectively throughout. The evidence of differentiation was apparent in all aspects of the lesson and the drill management/planning was also outstanding. All students progressed as they were working on the necessary aspect of their technique which meant all could verbalize, if not demonstrate, how it should look. The subtle prompts on the bottom of the drill sheets really helped this.




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3 years ago

This was really useful thanks. I have replicated the lesson with my year 8 group today and was really successful.

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