AQA A-Level Computing - COMP4 Markbook
The attached resources is designed to help you monitor and track students’ progress through the COMP4 project. There are 7 sections in the overall project, each of these sections is given its own spreadsheet worksheet.

The 7 sections for each tab are:
Analysis, Design, Technical Solution, System Testing, System Maintenance, User Manual, Appraisal

Each cell is formatted using conditional formatting to give you a quick visual representation of how well the student in progressing through their project:

- If you enter Y the cell will go Green (Section Complete)
- If you enter P the cell will go Yellow (Section Partly Complete)
- If you enter N the cell will go Red (Section Not Attempted).

Based on the amount of sections completed you can then award the student a suitable mark for their work. On the final worksheet there is a summary of the students grades across all 7 sections and then a predicted grade based on the grade boundaries from the AQA past grade boundaries for COMP4 coursework.

The content has been created from the Project Log PDF supplied by AQA.
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