New AQA A level Geography model answers for 20 mark essays.

A collection of seventeen essays to support revision & teaching of the new AQA Geography A level.
This download contains a collection of seventeen model answers as well as some shorter answer questions and support activities. Marks schemes have been used to help ensure model answers access the higher band for each question. These create excellent support resources for your teaching of the new AQA Geography A level and will save you many hours in preparation time.

These essays would also support the teaching of other A level Geography specifications.

Essays included:

0 3 . 4 “Flooding and erosion is set to increase to unprecedented levels along coastlines
across the world. In response, mitigation and adaptation by coastal managers will
ensure that people and places are not affected.”

03.4 Assess the relative importance of weathering and erosion in the development of coastal landscapes. (20)

Assess the extent to which predicted climate change will present challenges for sustainable management of a local scale environment that you have studied. (20 marks).

“Human activity affects coasts globally. This interference with coastal processes is the key determining factor in shaping coastal landscapes.” To what extent do you agree with this opinion? (20 marks)

026 ‘Sustainable approaches to coastal management will become more important than traditional approaches in dealing with the impacts of climate change.’ 20 marks

To what extent do the advantages of globalisation outweigh the disadvantages? [20] (or 25 marks under WJEC)

Transnational corporations (TNCs) are the most significant factor in creating unequal flows of people and money within global systems.’ 20 marks.

Analyse the roles of international government organisations and NGOs in the governance of Antarctica and assess their effectiveness. 20 marks

01.4 Assess the potential cause and impacts of changes in the water balance within a tropical rainforest that you have studied. 20 marks

Assess the extent to which rising global temperatures may result in a positive feedback cycle of yet higher carbon content in the atmosphere. (20 marks)

With reference to a river catchment that you have studied, assess the potential impact of human activity upon the drainage basin. (20 marks)

Assess the extent to which there are interrelationships between processes in water cycle and factors driving change in the carbon cycle. (20 marks)

With reference to a multi-hazardous environment that you have studied, assess the view that the underlying cause(s) leading to the hazards is human activity rather than physical factors.

With reference to a local scale of a specific place in a hazardous setting, assess the extent to which the physical nature of hazards can shape the character of a community and its ability to respond to risk. (20 marks)

To what extent have global institutions helped to promote growth and stability within global systems? (20 marks)

To what extent can wildfires be caused, intensified and mitigated by human activity? 20 marks.

‘The Disaster Response Curve (The Park Model) has contributed to improved understanding and therefore management of the impact of tectonic hazards.’
To what extent do you agree with this view? [20 marks]

An additional AS short essay:
Assess the extent that coastlines of submergence are created by sea level change. (9 Marks)


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