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Five excellent presentations outlining the key topics and specification points for AQA GCSE Chemistry C3. Perfect for use as lessons or revision materials, and concise presentation ensures students remember key points of information for the exam.

Includes full diagrams and worked examples of calculations. No gimmicks, walls of text, crazy formatting, comic sans or unnecessary time-wasting animations. Just concise bullet points and diagrams.

Suitable for both higher and foundation tier.

1. The Periodic Table

*Early periodic table and development
*Introduction to periodic table
*Alkali metals
*Transition metals

2. Water

*Hard and soft water
*Removing hardness
*Water treatment
*Water issues and the public

3. Energy Calculations

*Comparing energy released by fuels
*Energy transfer in solutions (+bond energies calculations)
*Energy level diagrams
*Fuel issues

4. Analysis and Synthesis

*Tests for positive and negative ions
*Titrations and calculations
*Chemical analysis
*Equilibrium and conditions
*The Haber process and economic issues

5. Organic Chemistry

*Structures of alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters
*Properties and uses of alcohols
*Carboxylic acids and esters
*Organic issues

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