AQA Chemistry GCSE - Revision Mats/Grid for Unit 7 Organic, carbon compounds, fuels, reactions  PPTX
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These simple revision mats can be printed A3 with a single sheet forming a revision activity for an entire topic. With free suggested answers typed and handwritten onto completed sheets. These files are PowerPoints which you can tweak for your classroom if desired (but please do not re-distribute). Non-editable PDF files available separately at a discount.

These 7 printable A3 mats cover the whole of unit 7 - Organic Chemistry

Mat 1
Carbon compounds as fuel and feedstock
Crude oil, hydrocarbons and alkanes
Fractional distillation
Properties of hydrocarbons
Complete combustion balancing equations

Mat 2
Cracking and alkanes
Balancing chemical equations for cracking
Usefulness of cracking
Structure and formulae of alkenes

Mat 3
Reactions of the alkenes
C=C functional group
Reagents and conditions for addition of hydrogen, water and halogens
Displayed formulae

Mat 4
Alcohols - names and formulae
Identification of functional group and displayed formula
Steam hydration
Uses of alcohols
Reactions of alcohols

Mat 5
Carboxylic acids
Functional group and displayed formula
Reactions of acids
Weak acids
Intermolecular forces in carboxylic acids

Mat 6
Addition polymerisation
Recognising alkene monomers
Drawing polymer H diagrams
Relate the repeating unit to the monomer
Condensation polymerisation
Ester link
-diols and -dioic acids

Mat 7
Amino acids
DNA and other naturally occurring polymers
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