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Selective breeding lesson created in accordance to the NEW AQA Specification (9-1). Designed for higher ability (trilogy/combined) class, although content can be adjusted to suit any ability. Includes: embedded videos and timers, slide animations, practice questions with answers on slides and an interactive quiz. NB: If you are unable to play videos a URL link can be found in the slide notes.

AQA spec link:
Relevant chapter: B13 Variation and evolution. AQA Biology trilogy edition textbook-Page 182-183.

Students are required to know the following;
Students should be able to explain the impact of selective breeding of food plants and domesticated animals. Selective breeding (artificial selection) is the process by which humans breed plants and animals for particular genetic characteristics. Humans have been doing this for thousands of years since they first bred food crops from wild plants and domesticated animals.
Selective breeding involves choosing parents with the desired characteristic from a mixed population. They are bred together. From the offspring those with the desired characteristic are bred together. This continues over many generations until all the offspring show the desired characteristic.
The characteristic can be chosen for usefulness or appearance:
• Disease resistance in food crops.
• Animals which produce more meat or milk.
• Domestic dogs with a gentle nature.
• Large or unusual flowers.
Selective breeding can lead to ‘inbreeding’ where some breeds are particularly prone to disease or inherited defects.

WS 1.3, 1.4
Explain the benefits and risks of selective breeding given appropriate information and consider related ethical issues.



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All of the resources I have used from paperfrienfky resources have been of excellent quality. Built in activities covering the Aqa trilogy topic. Thankyou

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