Area of Triangles & Compound Shapes Activity Pack
This pack contains a variety of activities to support students working on the area of triangles and compound shapes. It includes:

1. Area of Triangles Worksheet Pack
This includes three different activities. In the first task, the triangles are drawn on squared paper and progress from simple right angled triangles that can be visualised as half of a rectangle, to triangles that need to be broken into two right angled triangles. The second activity, Match Three! follows on from this, where students must work out the area of triangles drawn on squared paper to match triangles with the same area. Finally, there is a final worksheet where students will need to think creatively to work out the area of the triangles, by, in some cases, drawing rectangles around them and subtracting triangles.

2. Triangles: Biggest Area?
This activity requires students to measure the side lengths of a set of triangles and determine, in each row, which is largest.

3. Area of Compound Shapes
This jumbled answers activity requires students to break shapes down into rectangles and triangles in order to calculate their areas.

4. Area of Compound Shapes Magic Square
This activity is for students who have mastered the basics of triangles and includes a variety of compound shapes where students must use the dimensions given to work out areas. The activity also includes one trapezium.

Answers are included for all activities.
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