This is a bundle of ten AS/A-level French units of work which support the sub-themes of the three English examination boards. All AQA units (year 1) are covered.

Each unit consists of 7 to 9 pages of densely packed activities centred around a text and with an ultimate focus on translation into French. Tasks include matching, definitions, gap-fill, grammar drills, translation both ways, questions, comprehension, speaking and writing and vocabulary list completion.

Each unit builds up in difficulty and features pre-reading and pre-translation tasks leading to three translation passages into French, graded in difficulty.

You would use these during the first year of a two year course, or for revision in the second year.

The 10 topics are: family, cyber-society, education, work, volunteering, music, cinema, literature, personal identity and cultural heritage.

Every unit comes with answers, so you could hand these out for independent work or use them in class with little preparation.

You might like to put the units together as a booklet (about 110 pages) to be kept in class or given out to students.

Separately, each unit costs £3. We are selling the bundle of 10 units for £20. Once photocopied they will last you several years.

The units were co-written by Gianfranco Conti and Steve Smith and apply some of the principles laid out in their book The Language Teacher Toolkit.


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Created: Aug 5, 2016

Updated: Nov 20, 2016

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    user avatartrishasweety10 hours agoreport

    Thank you for this. It's excellent.

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    user avatarsb234 months agoreport

    Great resources - lots of useful and valid activities. Set at a challenging level, which is exactly what I wanted.

    • user avatarspsmith45Reply from Author4 months ago


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    user avatarmajrim5 months agoreport

    I was a bit reluctant to purchase but I'm glad I did as there are quite a few more pages than what you may think in the preview. I especially like the fact that the translations are meaty and suggested answers provided.

    • user avatarspsmith45Reply from Author4 months ago

      It's a pity previewes are so limited. Thanks for buying.

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    This bundle looks excellent. I am sure it will be very useful

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    user avatarZiFroga year agoreport

    #mfltwiterati got me here. Best hashtag find of last year. I already subscribe to but this bundle is terrific.

    • user avatarspsmith45Reply from Author4 months ago

      Glad you like it. Thanks for buying.

    • user avatarspsmith45Reply from Author2 months ago