These 9 worksheets provide an introduction to measuring and drawing three figure bearings beginning by looking at the 8 points of the compass. The practical uses of bearings in the real world are emphasised by requiring students to work through word problems with varying levels of support.

There is a lot of opportunity for practising measuring and drawing angles up to 360°. Revise angle vocabulary and apply basic angle facts.

As an additional feature sone of the examples also require diagrams to be measured so the map scale can be used to find the actual real life distance.

GCSE 2017 references G15, G14, G1, R2

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    user avatarkiwiali7 months agoreport

    You saved me a lot of time. Many thanks

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    user avatarrobinson4a year agoreport

    Great progression - just what I needed for a complete lesson on bearings and scale. Saved me a great deal of time. Many thanks

    • user avatarSkillsheetsReply from Authora year ago

      Thank you for your review. I hope your students learnt from the worksheets. Mine certainly do.