Beatrix Potter Play KS I (5 – 7 yrs) Part III

Beatrix Potter Class Play or Assembly for Key Stage I (5 – 7 year olds) Part III
This is the third of a set of four – Parts I, II and III cover five tales each, and Part IV covers six. Thus, twenty-one in total.
Cast of 27 (easily adapted up or down) and duration of around 10 minutes – this is reading time so performance can take it beyond this with possibility of further additions.
Part III consists of the Tales of:
• Mrs. Tittlemouse (cast of 6)
• Timmy Tiptoes (cast of 6)
• Johnny Town-Mouse (cast of 2)
• Mr. Tod (cast of 6)
• Pigling Bland (cast of 7)
Cast of 27 plus Narrator (this role to be taken by the Class Teacher):
Assemblies Part I, II and IV all have a cast size of 24. This one, Part III, has a cast size of 27 – so to stay consistent with cast size of 24, 3 characters will need to ‘double up’ – unless there are 27 children available to take the 27 parts.
5 groups:
Group I (6 speakers)
Mrs. Tittlemouse (Thomasina)
Ladybird (Mother Ladybird)
Bumble Bee (Babbitty Bumble)
Toad (Mr. Jackson)
Sample Text
Narrator: And may I just start by saying, I think you, Mrs Tittlemouse, should have a medal for your patience!
Mrs. Tittlemouse: (Laughing) Oh you mean all those unexpected guests!
Narrator: Unexpected and uninvited!
Beetle: First me
Mrs. Tittlemouse: With your little dirty feet!
Ladybird: Then me! You told me my house was on fire!
Narrator: A clever ploy! And it worked – you flew off to save your children!
Spider: Then me
Mrs. Tittlemouse: With your cobwebs
Bumble Bee: Then me
Mrs. Tittlemouse: With all your untidy dry moss
Toad: And then, me!
Mrs. Tittlemouse: Who made the worst mess of all – water everywhere!
Group II (6 speakers)
Timmy Tiptoes
Silvertail Squirrel
Little Bird
Mrs. Chippy Hackee – Chipmunk
Mr. Chippy Hackee – Chipmunk
Sample Text
Narrator: It was a little strange you, Mr Chippy Hackee, being there as well! I mean, we all know how Timmy Tiptoes got down there
Silvertail Squirrel: With a shove from me
Little Bird: And a tweet from me!
Narrator: Oh dear! Just goes to show how much trouble one small tweet can cause!
Goody: Yes, I’m always warning people about Twitter!

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