Bell Ringers-Social Studies-start the day off right
These bell ringers/ bell work/ class starters are an excellent way to motivate your students for the upcoming lesson, manage your classroom, and assess student comprehension. These bell ringer prompts allow you to smoothly transition into your lesson. A majority of the bell ringer questions also have projects and activities or video links that accompany the question (some are free, some are paid). In this bundle there are over 210 prompt ideas addressing many different topics that you can give to your class! I used these questions everyday to Segway into my history lesson that day. These Bell ringer questions are geared towards students from 7th to 10th grade.
Getting pumped for the upcoming school year
Introducing Social Studies
American Revolution
US Constitution/Bill of Rights/making laws
US Civil War
Industrial Revolution
Progressive movement-immigration women and workers rights
World War 1
Great Depression
World War 2
Cold War
The Modern World-1990 to today
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