BEOWULF Essay Packet
This packet contains the following items to use with your students when preparing for an essay on the epic poem Beowulf:

Beowulf Agree/ Disagree Activity
a. This student handout contains five thematic statements that are relevant to the Beowulf story. Students either agree or disagree with each statement and then briefly explain their reasoning. This handout taps into students' prior knowledge on life themes relevant to the poem in order to establish a framework for thematic ideas they will observe in the story. I typically use this activity as an Anticipation Guide at the beginning of the Beowulf unit; however, it can also be used as an essay brainstorming guide or a classroom debate guide. These statements really get students interested in the story as they begin to think about why they believe what they believe and discuss/disagree with their peers.

Beowulf Debatable Statements Activity
a. This essay brainstorming activity contains 16 debatable thematic statements that relate to the Beowulf story to help students generate ideas for a Beowulf essay. Students are to think about how each statement applies to the Beowulf story (apart from their own personal opinions) and then briefly explain how each statement is true or false in the story. Students can complete this activity on their own or in small groups, and it is a terrific means of organizing whole class discussion and debate prior to beginning the writing process. After discussing the themes presented, students can then select one theme as the focal point for a theme analysis essay on the epic poem.

Beowulf Essay Brainstorming Activity— Topics/ Themes Chart

Beowulf Essay Thesis Statements

Literary Criticism: “Subversive Female Power in Beowulf”

Beowulf Essay Prompts + Outline Form and Rubric

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