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Powerpoint presentation about: Bernard Goetz's subway shooting case which resulted in his being acquitted using self defense. He had shot 4 black young men who were mugging him in a New York subway car for money. He was convicted on a concealed weapons charge. Public opinion was polarized wherein Goetz was either a vigilante or a folk hero. There is an excerpt below from the presentation.

There is also a 20 point multiple choice QUIZ with answer key plus a complete set of FLASHCARDS for reviewing the presentation. The Flashcards could also be used for testing purposes and/or to facilitate class discussion.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook writer.

EXCERPT: Like a mirror, juries reflect back what is going on in society at that time. Juries don't operate in vacuums. They were intended to be the accused's peer group who judged his actions. The Bernard Goetz subway shooting case epitomizes how juries function. Judges will perceive facts in a more black and white absolute fashion whereas juries function in the grey areas of the law. Juries are typically more emotional than judges and also more prone to using common sense over the letter of the law.

Bernard Goetz also epitomized an icon of the era, Charles Bronson playing a vigilante in the movie "Death Wish." Bronson's character Paul was lionized in the era surrounding the case, an era of extraordinary crime in America's large cities.

Thus, the Goetz case is most useful for studying juries and the societies from which they emerge.
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