Worksheet where answers to questions are used to obtain a 3-digit code (which I set as the combination to a lockable money box containing a prize). Pupils race to finish first and crack the safe.


  • Lock BIDMAS.pdf

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Created: Jan 14, 2014

Updated: Jul 26, 2014

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    Lovely resources,

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    user avatarFiShearer3 years agoreport

    Great! Thanks!

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    user avatardwatson8023 years agoreport

    Quality! Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarstroevey3 years agoreport

    I love these, so thank you for adding to my collection. ( Search resources for lock problems if you want more. I have uploaded a dozen or so as well.)

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    user avatardsc5054 years agoreport

    This is a fantastic resource, and a brilliant idea that could be adapted to many different topics to provide extra incentive! Thanks for sharing!