British Science Week 2018 KS2 Assembly

This is a detailed 28 slide PowerPoint ideal for an assembly or lesson or both for this special week from Monday 11th March to Friday 16th March. Could also be a useful PSHE lesson on scientific careers and role models.

Takes the children through these key question:
What is science?
How does science impact on our lives today?
4 key aspects explained in detail
Who would like to see Science in action?
An engaging, awe-inspiring and quick experiment to create excitement for this week of science.
What happened? Why?
A clear explanation of how the experiment worked, linking it to the children’s current understanding of the world.
What qualities and skills do you need to be a great scientist?
Key words covered and ideal characteristics.
Do you know any famous British scientists and what have they achieved?
4 impressive short biographies of famous British scientists.
How would you pursue a career in science?
Key degrees to start on the path for a science career.
Job options for a career in science and average yearly earnings.

There are then tasks children could complete in a lesson:
Task 1 - Create a poster telling people about British science week or about Exploration and Discovery as part of a competition.
Task 2 - Draw a flow chart of what you would like to investigate and how if you were a scientist.
Task 3 - Write a letter to a famous scientist, you must include at least 10 questions.

All writing templates provided, including differentiated letter templates.

Lots of opportunities for discussion and higher level thinking. All concepts explained clearly.

Relevant for KS2 and KS3.

All reviews welcome.

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