BUNDLE - 7 GCSE Higher Animated PowerPoint Presentations
Harder Quadratic Equations, Circle Theorems, Upper and Lower Bounds, Direct and Inverse Proportion, The Sine and Cosine Rules, Probability Tree Diagrams, Surds
Harder Quadratic Equations animated PowerPoint GCSE
The PowerPoint includes:
8 examples where the coefficient of x squared is bigger than 1
The examples are animated to show the steps
20 questions for learners to practice the techniques (with answers)
4 questions which are more like exam questions
These 4 questions have full animated solutions

I taught this technique for solving quadratic equations for many years and often had comments like " is that all you have to do?"
Circle Theorems animated PowerPoint - GCSE
The seven circle theorems with animated diagrams
Two tangents
Angles at the centre and circumference
Angles in a semi-circle
Angles in the same segment
Cyclic quadrilateral
Alternate segment
Also includes 2 revision slides on parts of the circle
Upper and Lower Bounds - animated PowerPoint - GCSE
Explanation of how to find Lower Bounds
Explanation of how to find Upper Bounds
Examples when the data is discrete
Examples when the data is continuous
Example questions on finding Maximum and Minimum values
Direct and Inverse Proportion - animated PowerPoint - GCSE
Explanation of Direct and Inverse Proportion including examples
Stepped instructions for solving questions involving Direct and Inverse Proportion
The Sine and Cosine Rules - animated PowerPoint - GCSE
The Sine rule
two sides and a not included angle
two angles and any side
The Cosine rule
two sides and the included angle
all three sides only
Probability Tree Diagrams Animated PowerPoint - Independent and Dependent events GCSE
Probability Tree Diagrams Animated PowerPoint
Independent events
Dependent events
Worksheet included - pdf
Simplifying Surds Animated PowerPoint (GCSE)
GCSE surds animated PowerPoint
Simplifying surds
What is a surd?
The 4 general Rules
4 exercises (with answers)
Exercises on pdf (with answers)
GCSE maths

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