C2 Material Choices: Building The Shard Tower!

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This lesson looks at that materials used in building the Shard tower and the environmental impact of it's construction. Glass facade and recycled steel strcuture. 3 part lesson, could be made into 2 lessons/homework. Powerpoint presentation and accompanying information handout. Having science museum putty is an advantage but not essential. New materials, construction, C2, choices, environment, integration, promotion, London, how science works, using real life examples, cross curricular, chemistry, physics.

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Building the Shard

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Shard Materials

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CreatedMay 28, 2012
UpdatedJan 20, 2015

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    A great resource, very topical and fits in well to the new scheme. Thanks

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    user avatarPeggyDee4 years agoReport

    Thanks, this is great because it is topical and fits in so well with ideas about properties of materials,

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