Cambridge Nationals Info Tech J808 (RO12) LO3 Personalised Learning Checklist

This resource is the PLC for RO12 LO3 - Understand how data and information can be collected, stored and used.

This resource is in a similar format as I have produced for Cambridge Technicals Level 3 IT. More than 100 teachers have bought my PLC resources, which speak for itself.

There are free versions… but it won’t be as student-friendly as this PLC…

I am offering it separately, so you can try first before deciding to buy another one…
Also, it takes ages to do each PLC, so I can only post, when I have done each one.

This is PLC is not for wall-paper - the students can actually use it to revise as well…and of course, I use it for teaching too. Some of my students will put up these PLCs on their bedroom wall - there are some pictures to help them remember more.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Created: Dec 6, 2018


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