Camille Pissarro ~ Impression + Pointillism ~ Art History ~ Art ~ 153 Slides ~ Public Domain
Camille Pissarro died in 1903, 114 years ago. His work is in the public domain. The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist.

This is a complete powerpoint presentation of the art of CAMILLE PISSARRO. There are many ACTUAL SLIDES in the slideshow on this page. These slides are the best way to assess the product.

Hoar Frost (1873)
~ This painting is one of Pissarro's masterpieces.
~ It was shown as one of his five paintings at the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874.
~ His preference for the peasants has him using a peasant as his figure in the landscape.
~ But it is what he is walking on, the field, that anchors the painting.
~ Pissarro achieves a balanced composition by using tilled fields crossed with worn paths and well placed trees on the horizon.
~ This gave his painting underlying structure which was the one element the Impressionist Movement lacked.
~ The balanced painting causes our eye to follow the figure of the peasant as he gets ready to walk across the field.


Camille Pissarro: Exhibiting with Impressionists
~ In 1874, the group held their first 'Impressionist' Exhibition. Pissarro had five landscape paintings in the exhibit.
~ Art critics were generally hostile to the work, specifically deriding Pissarro's paintings for his muddy, dirty settings.
~ Pissarro’s work also was in the Impressionist exhibit of 1876.
~ Art critic Albert Wolff said of Pissarro’s work: Try to make M. Pissarro understand that trees are not violet, that sky is not the color of fresh butter.
~ Critic Octave Mirbeau wrote: Camille Pissarro has been a revolutionary through the revitalized working methods with which he has endowed painting”.
~ Critic Rewald wrote: Rather than glorifying—consciously or not—the rugged existence of the peasants, he placed them without any 'pose' in their habitual surroundings, thus becoming an objective chronicler of one of the many facets of contemporary life.”
~ Pissarro is the only artist to have shown in all eight Impressionist exhibitions.
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