A resource designed to get students analysing evidence and taking action on a cholera outbreak in Victorian London. A nice activity to add into Microbes and Disease. Also works as a stand-alone enrichment or RATTS lesson.


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Created: Nov 15, 2009

Updated: Apr 30, 2012

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    user avatarem27572 years agoreport

    Excellent revision tool. Thanks.

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    Used this with top set year 8 and they loved it. Some of them needed some extension task to go with it as they realy wanted to use HSW skills to use data in their presentation. Thank you for a great lesson.

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    This is great thanks. I used it today with top set year 8 - it worked fabulously. The students really had to use their thinking skills. Just a shame that OFSTED didn't see it in action ; )

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    Excellent exercise- I will be using it in History for a lesson on Victorian public health

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    user avataraer6 years agoreport