Choosing Reaction Pathways AQA

An activity designed to help pupils reflect on why a particular reaction pathway is chosen taking into account atom economy, yield, rates and usefulness of by-products. Introduce the LO and activity instructions using the first few pages of the Power Point. Arrange pupils into groups of two or three and provide them with the Aspirin synthesis worksheet. They have to use the information on the sheet to work out the atom economy for the two possible reaction pathways and use this, along with the useful information below to determine which of the two routes they will use. They also need to decide what sort of conditions they might use, catalyst and if they will sell any by products. It is a good idea to get them to record their choices, (maybe on a min white board) and share these with the class. They all begin with their shares at £10.00 each. Open the trading floor by moving onto the slide that says SALE SALE SALE! Share this with the class and get them to adjust their share prices accordingly. Try and build the drama as you read through each slide. THe winning groups are those whose shares are worth the most at ‘the end of trading’/when you have exhausted all the slides!


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Creative Commons "Sharealike"