Christmas Activities: Themed Maths

A mathematical activity to engage children with converting units of measure (Christmas Theme).

I have included a map of the world with different parts labelled for children to measure the distances between.

Children must measure the distance between 2 different parts of the world. Then because 1cm=35 minutes, they must then calculate how long it would take to get to said part.

For example:

How long will it take Santa to get from house A to house B?
Using your ruler, measure the distance from A to B.

If it’s 7.6 cm- round to the nearest whole number which is 8cm.
1cm = 35 minutes so 35 x 8 = 280 minutes =4 hours 40 minutes
Fill in the table below of your findings. This example has been done for you.

Children must then fill in a table with their findings.

Included also is two different design opportunities. Children can design their own Christmas jumper and Christmas cookies.

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