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Cre8tive Humanities a team of dedicated pedagogical practitioners with a focus on Geography, History, RE & World Studies and T&L . We are part of the Cre8tive Resources Brand which is a not for profit Social Enterprise which wants to put the fun and engagement back in to the classroom with innovative and new teaching and learning methods that engage our students.

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22+ Geography Christmas Puzzle Work Booklet with accompanying three page teacher answer booklet. This Work Booklet starts with a set of Puzzles themed around the subject with a sprinkling of Christmas fun. Then The Work Book has a series of questions linked to students subject Knowledge. Finally the work book moves on to reflection and traget setting and then lots of Christmas activities and at the very end a mindfulness drawing Activity.

This booklet has easily taken over 12 hours to build from start to finish - We hope you enjoy it!

How could you use this Work Book?
End of Term Christmas Fun and Challenge.
Distance learning
Christmas Homework setting
Christmas Isolation room work
Cover work or any purpose you chose

Could also be used to set work for isolating students or as a Homework Booklet.

Resource Contains
✎✎ 22+ Page Christmas Puzzle Workbook Matched to the subject (Editable Version)
✎✎ 22+ Page Christmas Puzzle Workbook Matched to the subject (PDF Version for Digital Learning)
✎✎ Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities

This work booklet has been designed by out Secondary Specialist.
Product Code C8/PB/20

If you are looking for new PSHE Resources mapped to the 2020 Statutory reforms for RSE and Health Education, CDI Framework (and Gatsby Benchmarks) then here is a suggested list to look into:

What is Cre8tive Curriculum?
Team of outstanding innovative teachers, HOD’s and SLT from across the UK.

All of our resources work with the new free Cre8tive PSHE App to help track progress and assessment in PSHE (Confidence Checkers, Projects, Quiz). Mindfulness and empowering quotes included.

We are now the biggest provider of PSHE, Careers and Citizenship Resources - Now over 2,500+ Products. The only PSHE provider with progress and Assesment Apps for students on Android and Apple. Launched the UK’s first GCSE Citizenship App.

Get this resource as part of a bundle and save up to 77%

A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


Geography Christmas Bundle

Huge Geography Christmas Bundle - Everything you need for a fun Geography based end to 2020. Try something different this Christmas with our innovative resources and activities. **Resource Contains** ✎✎ Geography Maps and Grids Escape Rooms full of Fun Puzzles for students to attempt. (We are one of the biggest sellers of Escape Rooms on TES) ✎✎ 1 x 22 Page Geography Christmas Work Booklet crammed with activities ✎✎ 1 x Set of 24 Religious festivals topic Task Cards with a range of activities and styles in editable and PDF versions ✎✎ 5 Extra Bonus GEography Escape Quizzes and Resources **Contents of Geography Topic Task Card bundle** 1 x Set of 48 Different topic Task Cards with a range of activities and styles in editable and PDF versions 1 x Teacher answer sheet - All answers covered 2 x Student fill in activity sheets that can be used with the cards (optional) Each topic task card is matched to the theme of the set and includes numbering and answers designed by our English specialist . Can be printed in colour or black and white. **How to use Knowledge Retrieval Topic Task Cards?** These cards are perfect as an extension task, starter or plenary and as a means of testing knowledge upon completion of a unit. For a short task (extension/starter/plenary), you can simply give them one or two cards and differentiate which cards are given according to the students level or their areas needing improvement. For an end of unit, you could hand the cards out to different groups and have them switch the cards after a certain period of time (e.g. one group gets multiple choice, one group gets spot the mistakes, one group gets photocards, etc.). **Benefits of using this new style of T&L activity** * Set of retrieval activities * Motivating for students * Bitesize tasks * Fun way to revise a topic * Allow for differentiation * Copy, cut and laminate – use over and over again * Versatile and can be used in many different ways The Geography based challenges have been designed by out Humanities Specialist. **You may want to check out some of our other great HUMANITIES resources:** ⇨ [Geography Christmas Quiz]( ⇨ [BREXIT - EU in or out this Christmas]( ⇨ [History Christmas Quiz ]( ⇨ [Christmas Quiz ](



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