Christmas Quiz 2015 (1hr lesson)

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An 8 round Christmas quiz

Consists of :
Round 1 – Adverts (Guess the 2015 Christmas Advert)
Round 2 – Christmas Confectionary
Round 3 – Christmas True or False
Round 4 – Christmas Dingbats
Round 5 – Celeb Photos
Round 6 – Christmas Movies
Round 7 – Stats Round
Round 8 – Christmas Knowledge

Its all on the powerpoint - don't show the pupils the adverts (you will need access to youtube); I have added a little comment about how long to play each one because some do say the companies name !

Enjoy !

  • AE Quiz sheet.docx
  • ANSWERS for AE Quiz sheet.docx
  • Great-Big-Quiz-2015.pptx
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