This colourful powerpoint uses diagrams, animations and photographs to introduce more vocabulary needed for working with circles e.g. chord, arc, sector and segment whilst revising the words introduced in 'Circles- Introduction' ( radius, diameter, circumference, centre, circular, semicircle ). It is aimed at GCSE students and below, both at foundation and higher level. The later slides show the connections between circles and 3D shapes and extend vocabulary to sphere, hemisphere, cylinder, ellipse, cone and concentric circles.

The slides have notes and suggestions accompanying them.

The worksheets further reinforce the names of different parts of circles and one is designed to make students draw and measure their own diagrams and introduces ideas they will meet later when studying circle theorems.

The video shows how to draw a hexagon by constructing it inside a circle using arcs. Some students find drawing circles very difficult and anything that motivates them to practise is useful.

DfE references for GCSE 9-1 G9, G1, G4, G12

G9 'Identify and apply circle definitions and properties, including : centre, radius, chord, diameter, circumference, tangent, arc, sector and segment.

See my other resource 'Circles - Introduction' which starts from the beginning with radius and diameter calculations, symmetry etc.

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