Classifying Quadrilaterals

A set of activity sheets and presentation/lesson for KS3 students to cover the properties of quadrilaterals. Explains line / rotational symmetry, and how/why we mark equal angles, equal and parallel sides. The plenary works as a 'mystery' and checks learning of students by getting them to ask questions that distinguish two shapes from each other.


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  • GTS11 days agoReport

    Very useful . Thanks for sharing.

  • ajokemoni263 months agoReport

    Very useful . Thanks for sharing.

  • 31srithi5 months agoReport

    epic got all my all my test questions right

  • Excellent resource. Am using parts of it with my Year 4 children to extend their knowledge of shape.

  • kellmano7 months agoReport

    Very good. Visual and a little bit challenging in parts.