This booklet developed by The Centre for Working Memory and Learning at the University of York, provides an introduction to working memory and the role it plays in everyday life, especially in supporting learning in school.


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Created: Jun 17, 2010

Updated: Sep 29, 2014

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    Learning can be such a difficult and exhausing activity for some students. It is important it is that they understand how they learn best as individuals, so that they can leave education with the skills they need to live life to the full. This booklet should be essential reading for all new teachers - there seem to be many students in secondary school who struggle with working memory problems, needing support. and possibly not diagnosed.

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    user avatarCatlover363 years agoreport

    This is a fascinating resource and reminder of what some of our pupils struggle with. Great to access this information through TES. Most SEN books seem to cost a fortune usually.

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    user avatarasmamartin4 years agoreport

    I believe it is a very interesting topic. I always have children who cannot recall what they learn, I use different approaches and one of them visual, but still cannot relate the name/sound to the shape of the letters.

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    Thank you so much for uploading this, plus the link to the website. It is always good to see what is currently being researched and how we can use that information.