Five more questions that Clive seems a bit confused on. These questions involve median and mean from sets of data, plus calculatiing the mean from a frequency table and estimating the mean from grouped data. I will probably throw a couple more questions in verbally (find the modal group etc) whilst discussing the answers and reasons why as a class.


  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Average-and-Range---Answers.docx
  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Average-and-Range.docx

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      Wow - thanks for choosing my resource.

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    Wish I could save all of this series at once - they are that good

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      Sorry - I will bundle them up

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    Perfect for my top year 10s to revise averages without re-teaching the topic. Thank you!

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      Super stuff!

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    Another winner to add to the collection

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