Clive has made mistakes on his homework again. There are equations involving brackets, fractions, letters on "both sides" and different mistakers in each. This is to test students' understanding of solving linear equations and is designed to test typical mistakes and encourage discussion about these.


  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Solving-Equations---Answers.docx
  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Solving-Equations.docx

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    user avatarCrispy8212 months agoreport

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    user avatarjglr2 months agoreport

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    user avatarBartie4 months agoreport

    Hubbie Clive particularly likes this series!

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author4 months ago

      Excellent! Good to hear

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    user avatarstroevey5 months agoreport

    Nearly done on grabbing all of the excellent resources in this series.

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author5 months ago

      Phew! Glad they are useful!

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    user avatarPixiMaths5 months agoreport

    Another fantastic resource that encourages the learners to identify possible mistakes and misconceptions. Thank you for sharing!

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author5 months ago

      Excellent! Enjoy!