Clive has made some silly mistakes on his standard form homework. Your students' task is to check, correct and explain where he's gone wrong. These are typical errors I've experienced in teaching and are designed to create discussion.


  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Standard-Form---Answers.docx
  • Clumsy-Clive-On-Standard-Form.docx

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    user avatarstroevey5 days agoreport

    Will my computer be big enough for all your brilliant resources - soon see!

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author4 days ago

      Definitely! Glad they are useful!

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    user avatareven2918 days agoreport

    Big series available. The learners love these.

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author7 days ago

      Mine do too! Thanks for the review