Commas In Lists PowerPoint Lesson and Worksheets
This resource includes a fully editable and interactive 20-slide PowerPoint lesson and an accompanying set of worksheets with answers on using the comma in lists.

The PowerPoint explains how to use the comma in lists in sentences. There are opportunities for pupils to insert the comma in the correct place. There are also opportunities for pupils to identify where the comma has been misplaced. The Powerpoint lesson is presented by the punctuation character ‘The Crowd Controller’ - The Comma.

Tasks on the worksheets include:

- inserting commas in the correct places in sentences
- composing own sentences containing a list or series of items
- punctuating The Twelve Days of Christmas with commas
- composing own lyrics for the Twelve Days of Christmas and punctuating with commas

The resource is suitable for primary pupils, SEN pupils and older pupils who find sentence demarcation challenging.

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