Review materials for exam comparing similarities and differences between the US and UK political systems . Can be combined into a review booklet for pupils or used individually to supplement lesson materials.


  • Assemblies and Law Making in the US and UK.pdf
  • Codified and Uncodified Constitutions.pdf
  • Features of the UK and US Constitutions.pdf
  • Input into Policy Making in Parliament and Congress.pdf
  • Judicial Appointments and Independence.pdf
  • Judicial Review in the USA and UK.pdf
  • Key Differences Between the US and UK.pdf
  • Parliament and Congress Comparison.pdf
  • Parliamentary and Presidential Systems.pdf
  • Power of the British PM and US President.pdf
  • Presidential and Parliamentary Executives.pdf
  • Representatives and Accountability in the UK and USA.pdf
  • Rights and Liberties in the UK and US.pdf

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This resource is designed for US teachers. View UK version .

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