‘Life On Mars’ Lesson 14-16= This Triple lesson is part of a tailored unit to help students understand the differences between writing for Component 1 and 2. I have designed the ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘The Bridge’ lessons separately so as to focus on all of RAIL (Representation, Audience, Industry and Language (Media) respectively. 'The Bridge lessons will follow exactly the same format as the ‘Life On Mars’ series of lessons and will include 4 Power Points, one on each of the RAIL terms. 'The BRidge lessons will also be uploaded onto the TES as and when they are planned. It is my intention to teach my students the RAIL term for ‘Life On Mars’ and then 'The Bridge to aid their compare and contrasting. This Triple lesson features:

Character Assassination: Assessment and visual analysis of Gene, Sam, Annie and Ray against teh following terms:

-Context and audio/ visual clip on WPC’s (Women Police Constables)
-Equal Pay Act of 1970 and the SEx Discrimination Act of 1973
-The Glass Ceiling
-100 years of teh Woman’s right movement (9 min documentary)
-Feminism/ Femininity
-Masculinist/ Masculinity
-Toxic Masculinity

  • What theoretical Framework theorists could we apply to the differences between Annie in 1973 and Maya in 2006? What do you notice between the representation of both women in the two selected clips? Discuss after viewing.

-Application and discovery learning tasks around the theories of bell hook’s and Liesbet Van Zoonen. This iss then reinforced by teacher slides going through the theory.

-Case Study comparative texts analysis ‘The Sweeney’ and ‘Juliet Bravo’ with clips

-“Television screens are literally flooded daily with tales of male violence, especially male violence against women.  It is glamorized, made entertaining and sexually titillating” bell hooks. Is this apparent in the set episode of ‘Life on Mars’. Discuss.

-Timed essay response: Compared with the past, David Gauntlett argues that in the media today ‘we no longer get singular, straightforward messages about ideal types of male and female identities.’ Evaluate the validity of this claim with reference to the set EPSIODES of ‘LIFE ON MARS’ and ‘THE BRIDGE’ and the historical contexts in which they are produced. [30]

You will start breaking this question down with ‘Life On Mars’ today. You will then complete your brainstorm when we look at ‘The Bridge’. You will then be ready to answer this question.

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