Connotation and Denotation Shades of Meaning
Students will follow the PowerPoint to find out what connotation is- and find FOUR STRATEGIES to use to uncover nuances in meaning. This lesson uses task cards, a game, and worksheet to capture students' attention. Check the feedback below.

This product includes:
-- an EATS lesson (with essential question, activating strategy, vocabulary, etc.)
-- two worksheets
-- answer keys
--40 Task Cards for writing a paragraph
--40 more Task Cards for writing a haiku (for others to guess the subject!)
--Match Up GAME

Focus: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.5, L.7.5 , L.8.5 and
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.5.c, L.7.5.c, L.8.5.c

The class will see examples of writing that are negative and examples that are positive- and learn what shades of meaning are.

The essential question also is the exit ticket. A sample answer is included so students can LEARN the answer. After they have learned the concept, they will be expected to understand and write it.

The task cards are great for individual practice. Students love sharing what they have written.

For differentiated instruction, I have included task cards on Haikus. Students focus on word choice as they write a haiku on a given subject. When complete, they read the haiku to the class and the class will guess their subject.


Student A reads:

Brown or white mammal
With hooves and tail, she’s lazy.
She provides breakfast.

The class guesses: a cow!

Students enjoy this activity!

There is an additional worksheet included for those who are struggling- and need additional practice. I encourage my students to use the thesaurus if they want.

Thank you!
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